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Build an ice rink from your old Garage Door

Once you have invested in a new garage door and gone through the entire process of buying and installing, you must now consider what you will do with your old door panels. Most of us would get rid of them, throw them away or give them to their garage door retailer. But why throw away what can still serve? One of Garage’s employees surprised us all and had a brilliant idea for a brilliant and innovative DIY project!

Every day, he sees damaged garage door panels being thrown away by customers. One day, he had the crazy idea to use it to build an ice rink! He picked up all the damaged or worn panels, and began to think about sketching the outline of his skating rink.

We are aware that this project may seem rather demanding. Without lying, building such an ice rink requires a lot of patience and hard work; but, once this project is finished, you will be so happy to have done it!

  • First, gather the panels you plan to use, and then measure the contours of the desired rink on a flat surface.
  • Once the area is established, build your rink by framing the perimeter with your signs. Reinforce them with supports and use landscaping spikes or rebar driven into the ground. This will support the boards.
  • The next step is to put a plastic tarp over the area provided for the surface of the rink. This plastic will retain water, allowing you to water your rink as soon as it gets cold enough, with or without snow.

You may not have the space to build a giant rink, or the time available to do it. For those living in the city, you may not even have a backyard. For you, residents of the city, we found other ideas for smaller projects, but still very practical and creative.

So, keep your old garage door panels, look for them in your neighborhood or contact us to see if we have more to give you. With all these panels, the possibilities for great projects are endless!